Falls Whitewater Park

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For more than a decade, paddlers in Raleigh, North Carolina have worked with City and County governments to bring their dream of a whitewater park to the Neuse River below the Falls Lake dam. With nearly $350,000 already allocated by local governments, the Falls Whitewater Park Committee is working to make this dream a reality. In 2011, the park plan (developed by the well-known McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group) was approved  by the Raleigh City Council.

photo of kayakers at Falls Dam

The Falls Whitewater Park Committee, Inc. is a group of paddlers representing a broad spectrum of whitewater interests. We’re intermediate and advanced, playboaters and instructors, engineers, communicators, educators, and biologists: all with a common goal of providing Raleigh with this recreational resource. We have incorporated in North Carolina as a non-profit organization and in early 2014 we received approval as a federal 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity. This latter milestone will be the launching point for our fundraising and grant application process necessary to realize the dream of paddlers across the piedmont of North Carolina.

The Committee is a group of citizen-paddlers who have met and worked with the the City of Raleigh’s Parks and Recreation staff and Raleigh City Council to help develop this facility in order to make it happen. Once the project comes to fruition, our intent is to hand the facility over to the City as a permanent, publicly owned and operated city park.

The City of Raleigh also publishes a web page on this project that can be seen here. Our committee are members of the larger “Steering Committee” convened and managed by the City.