Our Vision

A healthy regional community actively engaged in river recreation in the Falls Lake Dam area

Our Mission

To form a dynamic public-private partnership in the Triangle Region for the development of the

Falls Whitewater Park in the Falls Lake Dam area, inspiring local river recreational enthusiasts

to use and conserve the park, and educating the broader community about the environmental

value and active recreation opportunities provided by the park.

Our Values

  • Attentive to river access needs of diverse user groups
  • Responsive to the economic, ecological, and social needs of the community
  • Committed to inspiring our community to reconnect with rivers
  • Focused on river safety through sound professional design and public education
  • Dedicated to pursuing our mission with passion, empathy and inclusiveness

Our Goals

  • To optimize the design of the park’s whitewater features. The park design will offer opportunities for all skill levels and for multiple types of water recreation; and it will provide suitable utility at low, medium and high water levels.
  • To enable the community to fund the park. To encourage the development of a public/private partnership that will jointly cover the necessary costs of park design, development and management.
  • To build community engagement with the use of and support for the Falls Whitewater Park. Bringing people to the park will motivate them to care for it and for the Neuse River. Building awareness and support for the project and for river recreation in the community.
  • To position the Falls Whitewater Park as a key element of the Falls Lake Adventure Center. Coordinating with public agencies to integrate the park in the public recreation infrastructure and program planning.